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Doggy Showdown, Age 3+

Doggy Showdown
Which dog will win best in show? In this portable game that’s great for travel, players pick a puzzle card and slide the figurines into matching order to solve the challenge. Beginner cards are great for introducing young children to logic puzzles, and the choice of fifty puzzles unleashes hours of entertainment! ($21.99)

Poop Bingo, Age 4+

Poop Bingo
Doo-ing away with letters and numbers, this illustrated poop-themed bingo board tests your child’s ability to match the beast with its, well, business. Up to eight can partake in this challenge while learning strange but true feces factoids. For instance: Wombats poo in cubes, while penguin plops come out as colored squirts. In every round of play, little ones aim to be number one by using their newfound knowledge of number two. ($19.99)

Slappy Camper, Age 5+

Slappy Camper
Race to stock up your camper! Flip the cards to see what camping gear you can pack next, then use your marshmallow slapper to smack the matching card on the table. Slap the wrong card and you may find yourself unpacking! Be the first to fill your camper with no extra spaces – it’s harder than it looks! ($26.99)

Genious Square, Age 6+

Genious Square
Roll the dice and race your opponent to complete the square! A worthy winner of the Happy Puzzle Company Game of The Year 2018/19 award. Each player receives their own 6x6 grid and a set of the nine different shapes, plus seven blocker pieces. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the coordinates that appear on the faces. Now race to fill every other space on the grid before your opponent. ($25.99)

Tenzi, Age 7+

For a new, fun addition, break out the Tenzi dice game during the next family game night. This fast-paced game is enjoyable and very simple to learn. The object of the dice game is to get all 10 of your dice to show the same number. Create new rules, or make up your own games with these neon-colored dice. ($16.99)

By The Book, Age 8+

By The Book
Put together a perfectly balanced bookshelf for our furry friend using a good dose of reasoning and sharp visual perception. 40 gradually progressing challenges using up to 12 different books will keep you on your toes! Beautifully crafted, quality game pieces. ($24.99)

Mountain Goats, Age 8+

Mountain Goats
Work to move your goats to the top of 6 different mountains where they can score points as long as they stay there. There's only room for one goat at the top, so if you get kicked off, you'll have to start over! ($17.99)

Deduckto, Age 8+

Put your sleuthing skills to the test in this race to nab your secret suspect! Use logic and deduction to figure out the animal, disguise, and location on your hidden card. Be the first to suss out your suspect and win! ($13.99)

Trekking The National Parks, Age 10+

Trekking The National Parks
Trekking the National Parks is a spirited family board game that lets players visit America's National Parks in a fun and competitive way. Players compete for points by visiting national parks, claiming park cards, and collecting stones as they travel across the country experiencing the wonders at each of these magnificent landscapes. ($49.99)

Root, Age 14+

Two to four intrepid players attempt to rule a fantastic forest kingdom in the ultimate asymmetric game of adventure and war. 2018 Winner Best Game of the Year (Dice Tower Gaming Awards). Each player has their own set of rules in this complex strategy game, perfect for teens and adults. ($59.99)