We're proud to join F.A.O. Schwartz as one of the first two toy stores in the United States to open a Playmobil Playroom. Children are captivated by Playmobil's magical worlds and our large upstairs space offers the perfect place to play.

What is Playmobil?

Since 1974, PLAYMOBIL® toys have become a classic. Approximately 3 billion of the beloved play figures with the iconic smile have been produced since then, sparking imaginative play for children all over the world. Around 30 different play themes are distributed in approx. 100 countries worldwide. Both parents and educators recognize PLAYMOBIL®’s award-winning toys as a benchmark for high-value, quality play products.

PLAYMOBIL®’s unique play principle stimulates imagination and creativity and thus promotes child development. With PLAYMOBIL®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature. With multiple talents, these cheerful figures successfully overcome all kinds of challenges – as knights or pirates in historical scenarios, as construction workers, vets and police officers today, or as secret agents in futuristic worlds.

The creative people at PLAYMOBIL® are constantly developing new ideas and enhancements that will bring long-lasting fun to children everywhere.